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Installation Tips & tricks

1. Which surfaces are NOT recommended?
Don't even think about applying our wall stickers to strongly textured surfaces like concrete blocks, stucco, unfinished wood or wood products.
Not only will they not stick but the rough texture will most likely puncture the stickers. The stickers will also not adhere to fibrous materials (fabric, coton), not even unpainted canvas.
You can apply the vinyl stickers to paper-based materials but we do not recommend it unless you are interested in a permanent application. Re-Stick stickers will be OK.
2. Will these stickers work on every type of wall?
Most of them, yes.
Smooth surfaces are to be preffered (ie: painted wall, or painted wallpaper.) We do not recommend walls or surfaces that are textured, rough, bumpy or newly painted. Before applying, wipe down your walls with a dry cloth to remove any dust.
Do NOT wash your surface before installation.
3. Do the stickers adhere to all types of paint ?
Our stickers are happy with semi-gloss surfaces but will stick to matte and high gloss paints as well.
4. My walls were recently painted:
If you recently painted your walls, stop now.
Wait at least 2 weeks (3 if its is cold or damp (humidity) outside). If you apply the decals before the paint is fully cured, the decals will either have trouble adhering to the wall or the adhesive will dry to the paint and when you remove the decals, paint may come off with the decals. :-(
5. Do the stickers adhere to all types of surface?
Smooth surfaces are definately recommended. Even lightly textured surfaces such as orange peel texture can prevent the decals from adhering. If your walls are slightly textured, we recommend using designs from the Re-Stik line of movable graphics.
6. What other surfaces can these stickers be applied to?
Our wall stickers can be applied to other smooth surfaces such as ceilings, sealed concrete floors, glass, smooth metal, ceramic tiles, plastic surfaces and finished wood furniture. The less porous the surface, the more effort it will take to eventually remove.
7. Can I put stickers in a bathroom?
No problem, only make sure they are not installed right after a shower!
Our wall stickers support the humidity of a bathroom but the walls need to be completely dry before applying.
Even better, you can actually stick the graphics to walls, ceramic tiles, shower curtains and even, why not, the toilet!
We however do NOT recommend you install any Pattern Wall Tiles in a bathroom or kitchen in order to avoid any splashes that could eventually affect the ink.
8. Are the stickers easy to remove?
Removal is very easy.
Just peel up an edge with your fingernail and slowly peel the decal off the wall. If you've applied the sticker to a less porous surface like glass, we recommend that you use a hairdryer (set on low heat) to warm the sticker, this releases the adhesive and makes it even easier to peel off.
9. Will there be any residue when removed? What about my paint?
Our stickers should not leave any traces on your wall when removed. As we cannot guarantee the condition of all wall surfaces before the stickers are applied, we cannot say across the board that some paint removal will not occur. You may notice paint chips on the back of the decals when removed and paint touch up may be required.
We cannot be held responsible or any damage that may occur.

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