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Classic Vinyl Wall Stickers

Every sticker is manufactured using high quality vinyl and comes covered with a transfer film to help installation. Instructions and tips & tricks are also included.

All our wall stickers in this range are designed to be easily removed, so that you can change your mind whenever you want.
However, once installed, they cannot be re-used.

Our wall stickers should leave your walls or surface in the same condition it was prior to application, however, being an adhesive product and because of variations in adhesives and wall surfaces, we cannot be held are responsible for any damage to surfaces.

Wall stickers are not toys and should not be used as such.

If you wish to get in contact with us for any suggestions or questions, please follow this contact link.

pose de sticker mural


In order for the stickers to stick, you need to grab a dry cloth and give your surface a quick wipe down. (Allow 2-3 weeks for fresh paint to completely cure.)

pose de sticker mural


To avoid designer’s remorse, tape your decals onto your surface before removing the backing. Step back and admire. If you like what you see, then go for the gold. (Depending on your pattern, you may need to cut loosely around the decals so you can have complete freedom to arrange them as you wish.)

pose de sticker mural


Now it’s time to shift the weight of your decal to the transfer tape. To do so, lay your design on a hard surface, graphic side down. Firmly rub over the entire backing with a squeegee. Don’t hesitate to give it some gusto.

pose de sticker mural


Start at one corner and slowly peel away the paper backing with a rolling action.The decal will adhere to the transfer tape. (Some patterns may want to stick to the backing; simply stop peeling, roll back a bit & repress the decal onto the transfer tape before resuming to pull the backing off.)

pose de sticker mural


Hold the corners of the transfer tape (with decal, of course) keeping the sheet straight. Be carefull not to let the transfer tape fols in on itself, it's very sticky! (Ask for a helping hand if the graphic is bigger than you can handle.) Press your desired surface. Smooth one edge onto the surface first, to avoid wrinkles and bubbling, and continue firmly smoothing out the tape all the way down.

pose de sticker mural


Now that you’ve applied your graphic, it’s time to remove the tape. Start at one corner and SLOWLY roll it along your surface. If any part of the decal sticks to the tape, simply stop pulling, roll back a bit and repress graphic onto the surface and continue peeling away, slowly.

pose de sticker mural


You’ve just created a one-of-a-kind art exhibit. And although we can’t see what you’ve done, we’re pretty sure it rocks. Good job.(Bubbling may occur after the graphics are applied. Simply take a needle and poke the bubbled area a couple of times, then smooth it out with your hands.)

pose de sticker mural


Removing our wall stickers is simple. Pick at an edge with your fingernail and slowly peel the decal off your surface. It’s just like taking down a sticker. If you sticked outside the box and applied your graphics to a less porous surface like glass, use a hair-dryer (set on low heat) to warm up your stickers. This will release the adhesive and make it even easier to peel off. Poof. Back to new.

Re-Stik Wall Stickers

Our range of Re-Stick wall stickers are reusable. You can position them again and again as long as you keep the adhesive backing dust-free. You can even take them with you if you decide to move homes! In that case, make sure you keep the protective backing that comes with the stickers to preserve the sticker's adhesive!

pose de sticker mural


A smooth, dry and clean surface is perfect for an optimal application. (Allow 2-3 weeks for fresh paint to completely cure.)

pose de sticker mural


For small Re-Stick stickers, slowly peel the decal off the backing.
For larger designs, grab a friend before you begin. Trust us! You need help to keep the sticker from folding back on itself because if you do, ouch, game over! Lay the graphic on a flat surface such as a table or the floor then slowly peel off the sticker, be careful to keep the graphic from wrinkling.

pose de sticker mural


Press to your desired surface and smooth along it slowly with your hand to avoid wrinkles and bubbles.

pose de sticker mural


Take a step back and admire! Cool! You can now consider yourself an Artist. Or not. Whatever. Free to you to peel off the stickers and go back to step 3. Again, and again, and again ...

Side note: Applying these wall stickers on paper based surfaces (ie: non-coated wallpaper) is not recommended, the paper fibers eliminating the Re-Stick properties of the sticker's adhesive backing. Only apply them to a paper based surface if you INTEND TO LEAVE THEM PERMANENTLY, as the stickers will be hard to peel off.

Pattern Wall Tiles

Can Pattern Wall Tiles be installed in a bathroom or kitchen?
Do NOT install Pattern Wall Tiles in a bathroom or kitchen backsplash to protect the print from getting wet or splashed with liquids. Water can damage the print.

Can Pattern Wall Tiles be cleaned?
To clean, dust gently with a dry cloth. Do not get the wall tiles wet with water or cleaning solutions or rub hard with your hand or cloth as this may affect the ink.

Surface Skins

Will Surface Skins work on any surface?
No, Surface Skins work on smooth, finished surfaces such as desks, tabletops, cabinets, dresser drawers, etc. Surface Skins are not meant for walls. Do not apply Surface Skins on a kitchen or a bathroom counter. We do not recommend Surface Skins for outdoor surfaces or untreated or rough surfaces such as concrete.

How do I apply Surface Skins?
Surface skins are easy to apply and instructions are included. In short, peel off the paper backing and rest or 'float' the Surface Skin over the top of your surface. Once it’s in the correct position, press the skin to the surface. Each Surface Skin size comes with additional material beyond the surface top dimension in order to wrap the sides. If you prefer not to wrap the sides of a surface, trim off the unwanted excess with a blade.

Are Surface Skins easy to remove?
Yes, peel up an edge and pull the skin off the surface. The Surface Skin should lift clean without leaving a residue but if there is any residue just clean the surface with a non-abrasive multi-surface cleaner.

Can I clean Surface Skins?
Surface Skins are laminated for extra durability and to protect the skin – and your furnishings – from spills. Wipe Surface Skins clean with water or a non-abrasive multi-surface cleaner. If applied to a dining table, we recommend using a trivet under hot dishes. Although the skin will protect the furniture’s surface from minor scratches, it cannot protect the surface from cut marks or gouges. All Surface Skins have a matte finish.

Tips & Tricks

Application Tips: What To Do and What Not To Do

I just got my wall stickers. Now what?
Congratulations ;-) First, although our stickers are easy to apply, read the instructions that come with each package, as it will save you time and potential errors. But basically, all you need to do is peel and stick!

Will these stickers work on every type of wall?
Most of them, yes. Smooth surfaces are to be preffered (ie: painted wall, or painted wallpaper.) We do not recommend walls or surfaces that are textured, rough, bumpy or newly painted. Before applying, wipe down your walls with a dry cloth to remove any dust. Do NOT wash your surface before installation.

My walls were recently painted:
If you recently painted your walls, stop now. Wait at least 2 weeks (3 if its is cold or damp (humidity) outside). If you apply the decals before the paint is fully cured, the decals will either have trouble adhering to the wall or the adhesive will dry to the paint and when you remove the decals, paint may come off with the decals.

Do the stickers adhere to all types of paint ?
Our stickers are happy with semi-gloss surfaces but will stick to matte and high gloss paints as well.

Do the stickers adhere to all types of surface?
Smooth surfaces are definately recommended. Even lightly textured surfaces such as orange peel texture can prevent the decals from adhering. If your walls are slightly textured, we recommend using designs from the Re-Stik line of movable graphics.

What other surfaces can these stickers be applied to?
Our wall stickers can be applied to other smooth surfaces such as ceilings, sealed concrete floors, glass, smooth metal, ceramic tiles, plastic surfaces and finished wood furniture. The less porous the surface, the more effort it will take to eventually remove.

Which surfaces are NOT recommended?
Don’t even think about applying our wall stickers to strongly textured surfaces like concrete blocks, stucco, unfinished wood or wood products. Not only will they not stick but the rough texture will most likely puncture the stickers. The stickers will also not adhere to fibrous materials (fabric, coton), not even unpainted canvas. You can apply the stickers to paper-based materials but we do not recommend it unless you are interested in a permanent application. The stickers are NOT REMOVABLE from paper or wallpaper.

Can I put stickers in a bathroom?
No problem, only make sure they are not installed right after a shower! Our wall stickers support the humidity of a bathroom but the walls need to be completely dry before applying. Even better, you can actually stick the graphics to walls, ceramic tiles, shower curtains and even, why not, the toilet! We however do NOT recommend you install any Pattern Wall Tiles in a bathroom or kitchen in order to avoid any splashes that could eventually affect the ink.

Can I put stickers on my car?
Yes you can but keep in mind that our stickers are primarely designed for indoor walls and not outdoor cars. Cars get dirty pretty fast and the original matte vinyl will not be shiny like your car. It is also not recomended, to install any of the Re-stick or artist printed range of wall stickers on your car, the designs being so cool, people might just peel them off and run away with them !We do not recommend applying any of the Re-Stik or artist printed graphics to your car. We cannot be held responsible or any damage that may occur.

Can I clean the stickers or Pattern Wall Tiles?
Of course, but keep in mind that you need to use a DRY cloth only and wipe gently. Do not use any liquid cleaner, not even water, nor rub vigorously. Getting stickers wet can release the adhesive or worse – the moisture can affect the ink on printed stickers and Pattern Wall Tiles.

Are the stickers easy to remove?
Removal is very easy. Just peel up an edge with your fingernail and slowly peel the decal off the wall. If you’ve applied the sticker to a less porous surface like glass, we recommend that you use a hairdryer (set on low heat) to warm the sticker, this releases the adhesive and makes it even easier to peel off.

Will there be any residue when removed? What about my paint?
Our stickers should not leave any traces on your wall when removed. As we cannot guarantee the condition of all wall surfaces before the stickers are applied, we cannot say across the board that some paint removal will not occur. You may notice paint chips on the back of the decals when removed and paint touch up may be required. We cannot be held responsible or any damage that may occur.

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