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If you are looking for a painless way to quickly relook and transform your walls, you have come to the right place :) Since 2008, has been selling an original collection of Geek, PopArt, Design and Kids Wall Stickers, showcasing renowned Brands or famous Artists all with original designs, some exclusive and some in limited editions. Officially licensed, all our Wall Stickers are genuine and made & imported directly from the USA.

About our original Wall Stickers

  • High Quality: Our Wall Stickers are manufactured using high quality vinyl taht will last for years. Some models are also re-positionnable, allowing for a variety of wall compositions depending on your mood.

  • Exclusive Designs: All our Wall Decals are Officially Licensed products.

  • Original: All our Wall Stickers are manufactured and imported specially from the USA.

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Original & exclusive Wall Stickers & Wall Decals on Geek, PopArt, Design & Kids all our new Wall Stickers & Wall Decals are here for you to discover: Wall Stickers from renowned Brands or famous Artists all with original designs, so..."